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Revocation policy

of Steramedig GmbH, Borsigstrasse 7, 65205 Wiesbaden

Date: 01.07.2021

1    Digital content

2    Seminars

3    Physical goods

With this cancellation policy we fulfill our duty to inform you according to § 312d para. 1 BGB (German Civil Code) in conjunction with Art. 246a EGBGB (Introductory Act to the German Civil Code) by informing you about conditions, deadlines and the procedure as well as further details regarding your right of cancellation if you purchase goods or services in our online store at (Company). Your right of withdrawal depends on the type of goods and services purchased and whether you are acting as a consumer.

1          Digital content

According to Section 312f (3) of the German Civil Code (BGB), digital data is data that is not on a physical data carrier and that is produced and made available in digital form. The purchase of literature by download is therefore digital content.

In principle, consumers also have a 14-day statutory right of withdrawal for contracts for digital content. However, pursuant to Section 356 (5) of the German Civil Code (BGB), this right expires if the Company has only begun to execute the contract after the consumer has

1. has expressly consented to the Company commencing performance of the contract prior to the expiry of the withdrawal period, and

2.  has confirmed his knowledge that by his consent he loses his right of withdrawal at the beginning of the execution of the contract.

The purchase of literature in our online store is only possible if you expressly agree before completing the ordering process that we activate the download before the expiry of the withdrawal period and you have confirmed your knowledge that you lose your right of withdrawal by your consent with the activation. With your consent or confirmation, you therefore lose your legal right of withdrawal.

2          Seminars

Seminars are services through which knowledge is imparted to you. In the case of contracts for the provision of services in connection with leisure activities, there is no right of revocation if the contract provides for a specific date or period for the provision (cf. Section 312g (2) BGB).

Our seminars take place on specific dates. Therefore, if you book seminars through our online store, you have no right of withdrawal and are bound by the contract.

3          Physical goods

When ordering physical goods, you have a statutory right of withdrawal.

Revocation period

The revocation period is 14 days. The timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient to meet the deadline. The revocation period begins in the case of a consumer goods purchase,

Declaration of revocation

The revocation is made by declaration to the Company. The declaration must clearly state the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract. The revocation does not have to contain a reason. The revocation can be declared in any form (e.g. letter, e-mail, telephone). You can also use the attached sample revocation form for this purpose, which is, however, not mandatory.

Consequences of a revocation

The consumer and the entrepreneur are no longer bound by their declarations of intent to conclude the contract if the consumer has revoked his declaration of intent in due time. The services received must be returned after 14 days at the latest.

a) Reimbursement of payments

The Company must also return any payments made by the Consumer for the delivery. This does not apply if the Consumer has incurred additional costs because he has chosen a type of delivery other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by the Company. For the repayment, the Company must use the same means of payment that the Consumer used for the payment. Sentence 1 does not apply if expressly agreed otherwise and the consumer thereby incurs no costs. In the case of a sale of consumer goods, the Company may refuse repayment until he has received the goods back or the consumer has provided proof that he has dispatched the goods. This does not apply if the entrepreneur has offered to pick up the goods.

b) Costs of return shipment

The consumer shall bear the direct costs of returning the goods if the Company has informed the Consumer of this obligation in accordance with Article 246a § 1 paragraph 2 sentence 1 number 2 of the Introductory Act to the Civil Code. Sentence 1 does not apply if the entrepreneur has agreed to bear these costs.

c) Value replacement

D The consumer has to pay compensation for a loss in value of the goods if

In the event of any discrepancies between the German and the English version of this cancellation policy or in case of any other doubt, the German version shall prevail.

Cancellation form

If you want to cancel the contract, you can fill out this form and send it to us.

Cancellation form


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