Jentschura Wurzelkraft® 300g

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Vegetable fine granules – 300g – suitable for consumption with fruits, pollen, herbs and vegetables.

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Vegetable fine granules – 300g – suitable for consumption with fruits, pollen, herbs and vegetables.

  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Pure vegetable
  • From organic cultivation
  • Ingredients:
    Fruits 25.8% (apple*, mango*, pineapple*, blueberries*, acerola cherries*, oranges*, cranberries*, blackberries*, apricots*, orange peels*, cranberries*, lemon peels*), Flower Pollen* 17%, Pumpkin Seeds*, Lupins*, Sunflower Seeds*, Tiger Nuts*, Sweet Almonds*, Herbs 4.8% (Licorice Root*, Dandelion Herb*, Hops Flower*, Buckwheat Herb*, Galangal root*, Wild garlic herb*, Nettle leaves*, Psyllium*, Lovage leaves*, Rosemary leaves*, Thyme*, Hyssop herb*, Tarragon leaves*, Eucalyptus leaves*, Melissa leaves*, Horsetail herb*, Yarrow herb*, Vine leaves green*, Artichoke herb*, Basil*, Savory*, Watercress*, Dill tips*, Lemon verbena leaves*, Elderflower*, Currant leaves*, Lavender flowers*, Lime leaves*, Lime flowers silver*, Lungwort*, Melissa herb*, Orange leaves*, Quendelkraut*, Nettle herb*, Blackberry leaves*, Strawberry leaves*, Raspberry leaves*, Capuchin cress herb*, Lemongrass*, Corn hair*, Marjoram*, Rose petals pink*, Celery leaves*, centaury*, chervil leaves*), vegetables 2.8% (beetroot*, cabbage leaves*, lentils red*, carrots*, radish black*, zucchini*, asparagus*, chickpeas*, beans*, broccoli*, horseradish root*, spinach*, onions*), buckwheat*, millet*, walnuts*, spices*, Jerusalem artichoke*, amaranth*, rose hips*, dill fruit*, pomegranate seeds*, pistachios*.

    * ingredient from organic farming (DE-ÖKO-064).

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