Health for all – Dr. med. Stefan Rastocny (German)

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About the root causes of our diseases – How we can become and stay healthy naturally – Application of biophysical methods in medicine.
Publisher: Schirner Verlag; 1st Edition (19 October 2017)
Language: German
Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 3843412812
ISBN-13: 978-3843412810

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Health for All – About the root causes of our diseases – How to become and stay healthy naturally – Application of biophysical methods in medicine.

“Those who try to heal the sick, disregarding nutrition, will never be able to solve health problems in a sustainable way.”

We will not find health with the symptom treatment of modern orthodox medicine. And industrial foods, above all dairy, meat and wheat products, clutter up our bodies and also burden the immune system with germs and parasites. Therefore rethinking is announced, because we determine basically ourselves over our well-being! On the one hand, we can protect ourselves from diseases in a completely natural way with a consistent vegan diet. On the other hand, biophysical medicine in the hands of an experienced therapist offers precise diagnostic methods and treatment options: Existing complaints are investigated with a resonance test and their causes are “zapped away” with selected electrical impulses, virtually without side effects. Too unbelievable? Too simple? Read for yourself and find out why the “modern factory diet” brings so many risks with it and why targeted frequency therapy works.

Based on his 30 years of professional medical experience with thousands of patients of all ages, Dr. med. Stefan Rastocny presents you with a health guidebook of an extraordinary kind: it offers orientation in the jungle of healing recommendations and, moreover, real solutions for dangerous, chronic and even supposedly incurable diseases.

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